Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 62

My favorite pair, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

A sad day. I had to throw out my favorite pair of capris today. Not only are the days numbered this year for wearing them but they finally gave out with a huge rip. They lasted several years but just didn't quite make it through this season.

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Papaoomowmow said...

Cel, I love photography too so I take a gander at your photos now and then.

And I check the comments on the associate site (too lazy to join there).

None of my business, but you have bashed yourself a couple times now....

Take it from a dude who is older than white rice...and has covered many a mile

Time is just too precious for you to waste in ANY hang up in ANY way about body image nonsense.

Precisely what may be bugging you about yourself, is sure to be luscious, beautiful, and arousing to other eyes.

Ain't nothing wrong with loving yourself. It is a GOOD thing. Stay as healthy as you can and the rest will be better than fine.

Off da soapbox...Sorry for buttin in

; - )