Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 115

Pink Carnation, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

Today was the day I almost threw in the towel on Project 365. Lately I have been underwhelmed with my shots and am lacking the motivation to work on them. With the holidays coming things are only going to get more crazy.

This is one of the pink flowers my daughter got for her birthday yesterday from her Papa. The background is my pop-up reflector. I kind of whipped this all together as I was in the middle of making dinner.


haleyhughes said...

This is lovely. It almost begs for some text on the right side, like a poem or quotation.

And don't stop now with your project 365. I just discovered you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, lovely!

I'm imagining it ain't easy taking a fine photo EVERY day + raising a beautiful young daughter + the joys of marriage and the thousands of little moments and chores in managing a household + leveling several alts to 80 in

You may need some twoofer moments - achieved by substituting a Lich King screen shot for your photo of the (that plus teaching your daughter to level some alts for you and your husband)

; - )