Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 168

I really need to come up with some better ideas than the items hanging on my walls in the future days.


Stuart said...

I love the photo, looks especially good with the small depth of field, almost makes it look like it continues to infinity.

Very nice! As for your wall, you should get some of your best works and frame them. ;)

Hal said...

For me that has a cool 2001 space odyssey abstract look to it - though the corner at the end of tha hallway cancels that a bit by placing the effectin more more esily defined mentally I just crop it out ; - )

---that's just me though.

Hal said...

ayiyiyi...wish that last comment of mine was a new record on my typos but sadly it is

Lemme rewrite

This photo has , to me, an abstract cool 2001 space odyssey (the monoliths)quality; though the corner at the end of the hallway dilutes the effect by placing it into more easily defined space. So in my imagination I just crop the corner out....

that's just me though