Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 203

Trapped, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

This is how other sees me when I don't smile. Dark and gloomy. Inside I admittedly feel about the same lately. I have built this shell around myself that I am trying to break away slowly. In hindsight I can see the pattern emerging from past winters. I really can't wait for Spring.

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Hal said...

You know best,Cel; but to me in that photo you look more lovely, pensive,and maybe a tiny tiny bit apprehensive(???)than gloomy. Nobody can be grinning all the time (unless they just got some especially phat wow lewt).

; - )

Nowadays I live close to the DC area (Bethesda)... probably not far from where you used to live...and I just looked up da sunny day percentage index....Boise has us whipped by 64 -56.

Here's to Sunshine! (and if the very common winter SADs REALLY bugs ya, of course grab one of those full spectrum indoor lights.

But enough avuncular my eyes,A Striking Photo!