Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 261

Greasing the chain, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

We have been making slow but steady progress in getting our daughter outside. I think the warm weather minus the wind is helping tremendously. So today we all went out for a bike ride together. The little one rides along for now in a trailer until she is big enough to keep up on her own. This was my first ride of the year so my bike was just a tad bit dusty after sitting all winter.

I am going to have to start looking for some cycling shoes as mine are cutting off all circulation to my toes which doesn't make for a fun ride. Thinking about that reminded me about the first time I tried out my new shoes years ago. They have metal clips on the bottom which snap into the petals to keep your foot securely on the bike at all times. I was trying to adjust to riding this way and to the lack of big plastic petals like I was used to on a bicycle. My husband (fiance at the time) and I were out in the neighborhood and came to a stop at an intersection. I went to lift my foot off and step down to brace myself after stopping and sure enough my foot wouldn't come up. I toppled right over in the street with an audience watching the entire thing. Probably wondering how I could possibly wreck my bike standing still. Since then of course I have had my share of wipe outs but the past few years haven't been out on my bike nearly as much. Motherhood kind of does that to you. Now that I my daughter is getting older I hope to start venturing out more.


Alan said...

Good image, I've never tried the cycling shoes but I can imagine stopping then not being able to un-clip my feet.

Ken said...

Ah, the first days of clipless pedals. I remember them well. I took the bike for a spin just around the drive way. My family laughed as a fell. Several times in fact.