Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 292

What grows below, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

Very harsh sunlight out and a tad bit breezy. Maybe I need to try this again after the sun is down.

I also have a sad update on the Killdeer in our yard. This morning I heard all sorts of racket going on outside and looked out to see a big black crow massacring the eggs. They are no more. This is the cycle of life I suppose. It was fascinating to see at least 4 more Killdeer show up later on. They all circled around where the nest was and were chirping away. Its like they all showed up in support. That or the constant squawking of the distraught mother bird.

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Hal said...

Maybe the other were all checking out a new apartment in the area
; - )
Sad to see the birds die.

Saw some amazing night footage, taken at close range in Africa during a severe drought.

A pride of lions attacked the weakest of a cape buffalo herd. Brought her down. As they were about to finish her the herd returned. The lions stepped off to the side and watched. The herd circled her.Several tried to help her up for quite awhile; but she was too injured to rise and they left. Had no idea they tried to cooperate in that way.