Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 334

Gotcha, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

There is no excuse for the quality of my 365 photos lately. It is plain and simple laziness. I am so ready to get to day 365 and be done. Picking of the camera every day is getting to be a chore and I think in order to rediscover my creativity I'm going to need a break. It is almost as if I'm going in reverse quality-wise.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah. Absolutely unforgiveable, Celina. Just awful....

; - )

you are OF COURSE being WAYYYY too hard on yourself...and on your photos which are interesting every day...

I like this one very much. (The cute and fuzzy ones are good too, BTW)

Just a thought....why don't you ride the stretch run with nothing but B&Ws? (Me, I love em)

In any case, you're doin fine

Nancy said...

Aw, your pics are great no matter what.

I know how you feel though - I don't think I could commit to a 365 photo stint (ok I KNOW I couldn't ;) I take breaks all the time, as you can tell by the post dates on my blog!!

Look at it this way - the fact that you are particular about the quality of your shots shows that you're a real photographer.

Hal said...

but then again, if ya need a break you need a break


you don't have to be rigid to be disciplined