Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 365

The end., originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

My final shot for my project365. Maybe not as showy or spectacular as some of you were hoping for but if you had any idea how hard it was to stick the bloody things together to properly show the numbers then I think you could appreciate it. The numbers were cut out of cardstock and taped to the balloons as well. That was the easy part. Of all the different types of scrapbooking adhesive and tape I tried plain old packaging tape worked the best for sticking the balloons together.

Taking part of this project was a huge undertaking for me. A photo a day for an entire year didn't seem too hard at first but these past few months have been challenging for me. Thinking of something creative and new every day can take its toll.

I am so glad I took part in this challenge and was able to connect with may other project365ers that were out there. It has helped me grow leaps and bounds as a photographer and has made me appreciate the smaller details in life. Never have I paid so much attention to the clouds, the weather, the sun and its beautiful glowing light.

The beginning of my journey started with a hope to become a better photographer and learn my camera. When I started last August I used one setting on my camera: Auto. In the weeks after I slowly started to study photography and work outside my comfort zone. Some days were a snapshot of the day and others, little by little, began to show pieces of me.

I am so thankful for everyone in helping to guide me along the way by providing feedback and encouragement. My family has been so supportive with my dad being one of my biggest cheerleaders. My husband, though rarely seen in my photos was also a huge supporter and always the willing pack mule for my gear on outings.

I would like to encourage everyone to stick out the rest of their current photography projects because if I can do it, anyone can really!

If you would like to continue to follow my photographic journey then please see my new blog dedicated to my photography at


Hal said...

Wonderful 365th shot!

Just Perfect!

Hal said...

and NOW you can spend the NEXT 365 days leveling your favorite wow toon to exalted rep with 40 factions to get "The Insane"

Happy Trails


DaddyNoBucks said...

Congratulations! I discovered you late into your 365 project but I have enjoyed your work.

Larry said...

Way to go Celina! I will miss seeing your daily photos but perhaps you can take one for me once in awhile. Love the balloons too. Glad you stuck with it! Love you....Dad

Alan said...

A great final picture. Congratulations and well done for making it to the end - a fantastic achievement. I for one will certainly miss your daily picture but will be following your new blog with interest.

Anonymous said...


I, too, only find your project recently (when I started my own 'photo-a-day" project). But have loved seeing each photo you've posted since I've jumped aboard.

Great last shot! =D

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work - significant improvement from beginning to end with many jewels throughout. I especially liked when you began to include more than just a few words to describe your work. Cheers and good luck in your artistry!
Mark M..

Andrea said...

Just perfect!

Linsenmädchen said...


I just started my photoblog today and watched for others... unfotunately it's your last day, but i hope you will go on, because i really like your pictures!

I would be happy, if you visit my blog one day:

Bye, Linsenmädchen

Michelle said...

Beautifully Done! I just discovered your blog, as I'm starting my own project 365. I know you're finished, but I had to tell you how inspired your pictures made me. I went from thinking..."what am I doing?" to thinking "I can do this!" Thanks!

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