Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 248

Make a Splash!, originally uploaded by Shutterbug Cel.

I spent a good amount of time today playing around with water drops to catch the perfect ripple effect. Just when I was about to quit my background paper slumped over to reveal the yellow back side and I noticed how it was reflecting. I'm very happy with how this turned out color wise. I wish I could have gotten it a bit sharper.

I set up this shot under my kitchen sink with the faucet at a very slow drip into a glass pan. A SB600 was placed to the left at a 90 degree angle and I hand held the SB900 behind the faucet.


[¯Ô¯]njoy said...

Absolutely beautiful. Great experiment gone wrong :)

Donna said...

this is beautiful! I love the colors. I wish I could take photos like this

Nancy said...

Awesome!!! The colours are stunning, and it looks pretty clear to me. Great shot :)