Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 266

This is what happens when I suddenly find myself child-free for the next 24 hours. I have time to play. When I saw today's FGR group was Grimm's Fairy Tales I knew I had to give it a go. I had the perfect old Halloween costume sitting in the garage that hadn't been worn since my pre-mommy years.

I did not take a set up shot because you all would have laughed me right out of here they way I had to rig it all up. Ultimately I ended up using the Ray Flash Ring on camera attached to the SB900 and had the SB600 camera right bounced off the ceiling.


Alan said...

This is great - I like how you can see the background through the red of the cape.

Hal said...

LOL Just Terrific!

Reminds me of a classic old Little Red Riding Hood joke;but I cannot repeat that here.

An instant smile of a photo.

Rebecca Anne said...

Thats a fantastic shot! And fun~ Did you stay dressed up for when the kids came back? I imagine as a kid, that would be pretty neat to see Mom dressed so fun~

Celina said...

Thank you all! Rebecca- no she was at Grandma's for the night. I am sure she would have enjoyed it though!

Tim D. said...

Very nice shot! What's FGR?

Celina said...

Tim - FGR is a group on Flickr. It stands for Flickr Group Roulette. Basically they pick a themed group every day to invade. Everyone posts a self portrait portraying that theme.