Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reader Giveaway!

Time to Pay it Forward! Jo over at Smile Monsters had a fabulous idea on how to Pay it Forward with her readers. She sent out some of her beautiful handmade jewelry to a few very lucky readers and I was very excited to be one of them. My heart ring arrived in the mail yesterday. I am currently hiding it from my daughter because I think it could potentially disappear. If you like what you see I am sure she would appreciate you visiting her Etsy shop here:

So now comes my turn to PIF. I am giving away a set of handmade photo cards by yours truely. You can use them for yourself or give them as a gift to someone else. If you would love to have these cards then please leave a comment below.


RULES: Always has to be some, right? In order to participate you must be willing to Pay it Forward on your blog as well and have something to PIF with. It must be something that you can give away on your blog. It can be anything: a product, a free service or something that you handmade. That's it!

If there is not a link to your contact information in your comments please make sure you leave an email as well. I will pick one name at random on Wednesday May 29 to be sent the cards.


Charlene Woods said...

Celina, I've been following your blog and your photos have truly inspired me! In fact, I enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh just last week and I am 46! I'm hoping to be able to bring my photos up to the level I see on your blog constantly! Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely sentiment of PIF! I'm getting to work on something right now. CWoods

Sweetheart Toppings said...

I'd love to get in on this PIF.. I follow Smilemonsters blog and missed out on the PIF she was doing, so i stumbled upon yours and would love to participate..Your photos are awesome i love them all!

Tobin Rogers said...

I'll play along. I love free art & photography. I've got some images too that I can forward along. So hopefully I get picked. Right now, a 1 in 3 chance sounds like pretty good odds!

Lori Jackson said...

Count me in! I love you work and love the idea of paying it forward too! :)